Welcome to the online home of Authentic Coaching

Website objectives

The primary purpose of this website is:

  • to highlight the advantages of professional coaching and provide an insight into the coaching process
  • to offer our services under the broad headings of Leadership, Business, Career, and Life Skills Coaching

Our audience

While most people would benefit from Coaching, experience shows that typical clients are most likely to possess above average levels of self-awareness, be proactive in nature, and be particularly serious about personal growth and development. At Authentic Coaching our underlying theoretical constructs and coaching procedures are completely aligned with these critical values.

Online coaching

While our core product offering is face-to-face coaching, we also offer an online service. Today’s technology makes this a very attractive option, allowing for meeting time flexibility, considerable time saving, and lower costs

Online e-learning modules

We are also partners with a UK-based company and offer their leadership-management development modules on an online self-learning basis, or as an online coaching supported option. For more information see “Online e-learning” on the “About Us” button. The module titles and links to the content of each can also be accessed through the Site Map below.

Website accessibility

This website has been specifically designed with the end user in mind. Navigation is simple and intuitive and content is structured so that you only read what you want to read. Regular updates are made in order to continually improve the online experience